Snowboard Review - Salomon Super 8

Snowboard Review - Salomon Super 8


The brain child and board choice of Josh Dirksen, the Super 8 lays trenches on the piste and floats with ease in the powder. The wide waist prevents toe drag and coupled with the extra inserts towards the tail of the board makes floating in the soft stuff a breeze. You’ll find the camber under your backfoot making ollies super snappy and turn initiation super mobile.

First Look

The super 8 has a tapered directional shape with a nose width considerably wider than the tail. The medium flex makes it playful but stable with added basalt stringers to give it that extra snap. The Super 8 has a backseat camber followed by a flat section and rocker on the nose. The quadratic sidecut which provides grip and stability through turns and the sintered base provides a fast ride.

How It Rides

On piste this thing loves to turn. You can lay it out and it just holds its edge, its not as aggressive as some freeride boards but this board can still bomb a slope. Tree runs in deep powder is where this board came to life, quick and nimble through its turns and keeping the nose out of the deep stuff was little to no effort. If I had one complaint it was how the Super 8 seemed to get bucked around in variable snow.

What We Love About The Super 8

The ease of riding powder with ample float and the control that the backseat camber gives you on your back foot.

What We Dislike About The Super 8

Where the Super 8 lacked for me was in variable snow and crud where it seemed to get bumped around much more than other Salomon’s I have ridden like the Mans Board or Ultimate Ride.

The Super 8 Is For

Aspiring freeriders, making their first forays into the trees and into deep snow. Also those riders who just love to carve.

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