Gear Review: Capita Paradise 2019

Gear Review: Capita Paradise 2019


The Paradise is relatively new board in the Capita women’s line up, serving as the ‘all-mountain’ freestyle gun. I rode this in classic spring conditions - hard pack in the morning to slush/pond pools in the afternoon.

I’ve always loved Capita’s line up in terms of ethos, build, design and always have radical graphics, so I was really pleased to give it a whirl this season, and will be riding it well into next season.


The Paradise is a true twin shape and sits as one of the stiffer flexing boards in the Women’s line up (at a ‘5’) I’ve spent considerable time of two back-to-back seasons on the Birds of a Feather - usually their go-to all-mountain twin. The Paradise feels marginally stiffer than the BOAF and quicker edge-to-edge, likely due to a slimmer waist width. From last years, they have upgraded the base from extruded to sintered, improving the base performance. It’s great to see that this board goes down to a 141cm for the smaller and younger shredders.

I rode the Capita Paradise in a 147cm with Flux GS bindings and Salomon Moxie Boots. I’m 168cm and 67kg.

First look

Twin tip, arrow waist and awesome ‘jungle psychedelia’ graphics. As far as included tech goes, it’s quite basic but with the inclusion of inlaid titanal struts, giving the board a bit of structural enhancement through the core. It leaves plenty of flex in the tip and tail, really lending its self from all-mountain to the park. Capita claim it’s a light ride, I couldn’t feel this too much pre ride.


How it rides

On the groomers…

Taking in on the morning hard pack, I was really impressed with the boards ability to hook up on the edge and turn. It felt stable at speed and continually held an edge as I upped the ante. The camber in between the feet helps the edge to engage to carve with applied force.

As the snow softened throughout the day it felt quite fun and absorbent through the choppy stuff, but not as much as previous longer boards I’ve owned. (I’m riding the Paradise as a 147cm and usually I’m on a 152cm) Not to much of a problem here, I just had to remind myself to absorb more with my feet, ankles and knees.

On the bumps…

The Paradise felt responsive and nippy through bumpier terrain, help by the narrower waist. It feels like the flex in the tip and tail absorbed the bumps and the stiffer body kept it stable and responsive. Overall, it was lot’s of fun in the bumpy stuff. I’d like to see how it performs when the conditions are less forgiving.

In the powder…

Capita states that this is a all-mountain powder board with personality of a park board. Personally I would say it sits in the “Park to all-mountain” realm. The rocker tip and tail will allow better float in powder, but if you’re looking for a board to ride powder, I’d go for the Capita Navigator instead. It was absolutely fine in the sun-drenched corn snow off to the sides of the run. I’ll have to update this post when I take it through some real dry-blower powder.

Through the park…

Loved it in the park. Easy to pop and ollie and felt really light and manoeuvrable under the feet to swing about. Felt my BS 180’s went from semi sketchy to semi smooth. Great confidence to land things to. I felt great pop when performing nose rolls and felt that ‘zing’ off the nose. I’ve ridden it on boxes and kickers in the UK domes and enjoyed it.


What we love about the Paradise…

Pop, manoeuvrability and felt light underfoot.I think this might be my freestyle game-changer. Also the graphics are super-rad and I don’t usually like pink on women’s snowboards.

What we dislike about the Paradise…

The base doesn’t feel like a really high quality sintered, but it’s sintered at least. Even with a completely fresh coat of wax, it did’t ever feel like it glided well. That could potentially be down to not using a warm temp wax.

The Paradise is made for…

All mountain brain with a freestyle heart in my opinion. I think the camber wouldn’t be confidence inspiring for complete beginners, but will serve perfectly as an intermediate to advance board. It’s just a fun board to take everywhere.

I purchased the Capita Paradise from ATB Snowboard Shop

If you have any questions or if there’s any other reviews you would like to see, please feel free to get in touch via email or any of our social channels.

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