Best Powder In Hakuba, Cortina Resort Review

Best Powder In Hakuba, Cortina Resort Review

As soon as you are in your accommodation you soon realise that everyone is huddled around their computer looking at the forecast to plan what day they will go to Cortina. Cortina at the North of the Valley requires an early start if you intend to make it for first lift but oh my is it worth it. The only issue is everybody else knows its worth it to.

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First Impressions

As your bus pulls into Cortina you are met with the imposing sight of the Green Park Hotel, a tudor style building sat right on the slopes. Walking through it’s lobby you immediately realise that there is a rush to get to the lifts and a cue forming around 30 minutes before the lifts start turning. As you step outside you realise it doesn’t matter, more snow than you have ever seen before, it will be one of the best days of your life.

The terrain 

Cortina has access to some of the best trees I have been fortunate to ride through. It’s steep, but with well spaced trees and a solid base of snow, every turn feels bottomless. If you have the right equipment and are riding with a knowledgeable group of people the Cortina backcountry has an epic lap which brings you to its neighbour resort Norikura and with one lift back up, you can ride the trees back down to Cortina base.

What we love about Cortina…

The amount of snow, it was unbelievable. As someone who has watched countless movie parts and read plenty of write ups regarding Cortina, I still wasn’t prepared. The snow coupled with the incredible options of tree skiing terrain is unmatched in my experience.

What we dislike about Cortina…

The cue at Number 4 chairlift. Access to number 5 chair opens at 10am and allowed for plenty on untracked laps through the trees and helped avoid the 30-40 wait in line at Number 4 chair.

Travel to resort

If you want to be at Cortina for first lift you have two options if not self-driving; taxi around £40 from Hakuba Station or the free bus on the Valley pass. The free bus leaves at 7:30am from Hakuba Bus Terminal. Any later buses will not arrive in Cortina before 9:30

Hidden Gems

Traverse to the left at the top of Number 5 chair. Then head into the trees. This area is far less tracked then other parts of the resort.


It is more likely you will stay in Hakuba Village and travel to Cortina on the days when you want to ride there. If you do want to stay at Cortina the Green Park Hotel offers rooms for £200 per night.

We would recommend this place for…

Powder chasers and freeriders who want to experience the best conditions on incredible terrain.

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